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Christmas Bliss in the Sand

24 hours of Christmas tunes on the radio, shopping months in advance and building a snowman - these are three things that I do not partake in over the holidays. Not because I am Ebenezer Scrooge, but simply because these are traditions that I just do not have.  Although a Christmas carol on Christmas Eve and the day of are lovely, a month beforehand is not my cup of tea.   I typically do the last-minute shopping thing because I work really well under pressure and have had zero complaints on past gifts. So, I must be doing something right, right?  And growing up in Florida, I have never had a white Christmas, but I am definitely not complaining; I would much rather build a sandcastle than a snowman - just sayin!   As far as family traditions go, I’m pretty sure my family’s traditions are different than those who are skiing the slopes and roasting chestnuts over an open fire, but I will take it our way any day. 

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The highlight of being in Florida for the holidays is spending time with my family -- the joy of laughing, sipping mimosas and doing absolutely nothing is pure bliss!  As an adult (well, what I like to think an adult would look like), I appreciate the goofiness that takes over my mind and body on Christmas morning.  My dad is officially on trash duty. And what does this mean?  After every present is opened, we (my two brothers, sister, mom and guests) must throw the trash and try to make it into the garbage bag.  Silly, but it’s the competitive athlete in us all, what can I say.  As of recent, I have developed a victory dance reminiscent of the 80’s craze, The Cabbage Patch, after I open a present.  For those who know me, this is no surprise. If there is a clothing item opened, the recipient must try it on for all to see; even if it’s too small, show us whatchu got.  In one sentence: My mom makes coffee cake and a couple of breakfast casseroles (my family can crush some food), we drink champagne until we resort to the Heineken in the fridge, we laugh, we takes turns opening presents (oldest to youngest), we laugh, we nap, we laugh some more, we devour turkey and mashed potatoes, we open our stockings and then we all high five one another while laughing. Like I said, pure bliss. 

What do I want for Christmas, you ask?  I simply want Christmas bliss in the sand, (and maybe a stocking full of predictable items). 

Cheers to the New Year, family, friends, love and happiness!


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