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O'Notes PR Tip #4 - Who Should Manage Your Social Media?


As I was preparing my thoughts for a post on why social media is best handled by your PR team or department, I came across a great article on by John Boitnott. He hit the nail on the head on why social media is important as a communications tool and how it is best executed as an extension of public relations.

Before sharing his article, the guiding principal is this: Your brand voice, messages and reputation should be carefully managed on and off line, internally and externally.

Social media is a valuable tool that allows you to speak directly to your stakeholders in a very immediate fashion. In a crisis, it is often the first line of offense or defense. Unless you’re a (super) small business in which your CEO/founder is also your PR person and brand manager, the PR team should manage this important function. After all, it’s the PR role to clearly and accurately write and communicate your organization’s messages across numerous media platforms while enhancing brand reputation. Even if you hand off social media to the intern with serious social media chops, he or she should be integrated with – and managed by – the PR team.

That said, we PR folks welcome the input of the advertising or digital marketing pros to increase traction on social media using tools such as contests, sponsored posts and targeted ad buys.

If you’re not convinced that social media should be a function of PR after reading this article then, as he says, ensure your social media managers “think like a public relations expert.”

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