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How Media Can Welcome You to Town

Moving to a new city can be scary. It’s cliché, but true. A transition to an action-packed one like Austin can be overwhelming. With its revolving door of festivals and a number of new stores, restaurants and bars popping up each day, there is a plethora of events to discover in the capital of the Lone Star State. Every person I talked to said the following: “You’re going to love Austin!” and “Have you been to ____?”

I honestly thought I would never be able to keep up with the full social calendar of local events. Luckily, my job in public relations has made the process of integrating into the city and staying “in the know,” especially when it comes to where to go and when, easier. As I started reading Austin publications to become familiar writers and their work, I realized that by subscribing and reading local news and stories, you can start to feel more comfortable in any new city just by being aware of what’s happening around you. Here are a few of the sites I rely on for my Austin news and events:

First and foremost, the Austin-American Statesman. The daily newspaper is a reliable source for all things local news. Just by skimming, you can get a sense of what issues are important to the town. If you’re looking for something a little less serious, flip to the Austin360 section or view the “Best Bets” online. They post their top recommendations of events happening in and around Austin. That’s where you’ll find out about shows, concerts, festivals and more.


For all things food, look no farther than Eater Austin. The site has all the inside scoop about new chefs, grand openings (and closings) and the latest dishes from all corners of Austin. Helpful to new folks to town, Eater regularly publishes “top” lists of brunch spots, sushi, Italian and more, including holiday themed lists for where to celebrate any of the upcoming holidays. My favorite part? These top lists include a background Google map where you can see where each location is immediately.


When searching for most cohesive listing of local events, has you covered. This site allows you to browse by event type, day and venue to discover which upcoming events are on the horizon. It’s extremely user-friendly and provides a quick way to view what’s happening now.


Not as traditional a news source, Austin Tidbits has been a surprisingly good way to find out about day-of events and snag some pretty great deals. They regularly have discounts on workout classes, spa treatments and great clothing and décor items all found in Austin, and ones that generally support local businesses. I subscribed to their e-mail mailing list and have attended a few happy hour events, and they’ve always been fun and stylish.

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All of these outlets are great resources for learning about what the local Austin scene has to offer and its upcoming events. I encourage people in a new city or town to look into the local news and media as a starting point of becoming a local. Find out which email alerts or print news outlets work for you and highlight what you are interested in and/or want to do. While there are many additional stellar news sites in town, the above four are the ones I reference to experience Austin. I now feel I’m well on my way to becoming a true local. 

 The writer herself working at Vuka

The writer herself working at Vuka