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From Blogger to PR Girl…What I know now

A couple of years ago my sister and I started a fashion blog that connected the trends I saw on the West Coast with the trends she saw on the East Coast (I was living in San Diego & her in NYC…our poor parents!).  As fun as the blog was, it also came with its challenges. We were constantly trying to find the newest trends and most up-to-date fashion news before anyone else, basically an impossible task.  After a couple of months of blogging, we eventually started getting emails from PR agencies telling us about new clothing lines, events etc. It made our lives way easier and sometimes we got the news out before anyone else!  As a blogger, recognition from top PR firms is a major key to success in the highly competitive blogosphere.


(Our blog, You Are Lovely)

Fast forward four years and my sister and I are practically neighbors living in our hometown Austin and no longer writing for our blog. Now I’m on the flip side, I’m the PR girl sending bloggers and other media fun stories and brand updates for the clients I work for at Newton O’Neill Communications.  When I start pitching our brands to blogs I look at five key elements:

  • Readership
    • How many views do you get in a day/month?  Don’t worry if you don’t have very many readers yet, this is only one piece of the puzzle.
  • Engagement
    • How often do readers comment on your post or share it on their social media accounts?
    • Does the Blogger respond and interact with comments?
  • Frequency
    • The more quality content, the better.  
  • Layout
    • An organized site with easy navigation is a must! As well as a good use of titles, links and keywords.
  • Originality
    • Our PR pitch to you is merely a starting point. Run with it, ask questions, request an interview or site visit then post original, creative and authentic content. 

These are a couple of Austin blogs we love to get our client’s featured on:

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