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Hiking Up a New Career Pathway

 Ecurie 25's Ferrari 458 Spider

Ecurie 25's Ferrari 458 Spider

From time to time, we feature the musings of staff, clients and assorted cohorts. This blog is from our Spring intern, Hilary Shurtleff.  Take a peek into her world as a college senior learning a few things about PR....

My new career exploration began with a 30 mile move north and a fresh start. The PR world was calling me, and Newton O’Neill Communications put the call through! With next to no formal knowledge of public relations, I dove headfirst into a position with an extreme learning curve on my side.

To start, I needed to adapt previous knowledge to fit the job requirements. This included creating press materials, adjusting my writing style and keeping up with ever changing media outlets. Something told me that screenplay writing would not come in handy in this position! I quickly picked up on being less formal and instead, friendlier when emailing a media contact. The key is to maintain a good relationship with writers, bloggers and producers that you will likely come into contact with on more than one occasion. To grasp as much information necessary, I switched from reading novels like Brain on Fire and focused attention on (subscribe to this one), PR Newswire, following bloggers, local calendars, Twitter, Facebook and the AP writing style guide to name a few.

The most exciting moment so far has been seeing my name under my photos from a client event in an AskMissA article. I have always enjoyed photography, and on Day One I was able to photograph the new Ferrari 458 Spider for écurie25

Pros of Remotely Working in a boutique PR firm include: 



  • My pooch, Hank Timone, is my main coworker! I'm sure he appreciates that.
  • The flexibility of this position has been ideal for my physical therapy schedule, on the whim trips to see family and, of course, my school schedule.
  • Money & Time savings by eating my own food and no rush hour commuting.  As a foodie, my pantry is usually a nice lunch break spot. It can also mean more snacking, whoops!

The Cons: 

  • Miscommunication through learning via email on certain tasks
  • Getting to know the expectations and personalities of the ladies of NONC took much longer than my past experience working in an office setting. Creating my own office sometimes means being productive at a coffee shop, and other times a nice sunny day can be spent on my back porch. Maybe a pro too?
  • Warning: Persons with poor grammar and lack of time-management skills need not apply

With less than a month and a half at this position; I must continue to stack up my knowledge, start my own blog to better enter this high-tech world, and continually reflect on where these new skills will take me.