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The Art of Proposing


by Hallie Braje, Benold's Jewelers

Spring is in the air. Birds are busy singing and building their nests. Trees are budding and the flowers are pushing through the dirt. The weather – most definitely here in Austin -- is getting warmer, too. In fact, as you walk along Lady Bird Lake with your girlfriend hand in hand; you may be thinking about proposing. Congratulations! It’s a big step, but it need not be a stomach turning one. With some planning and a few things to keep in mind you can be certain she will say “YES!”

Every proposal is special. For many women, it’s the moment she’s been dreaming of and imagining since a little girl. She might already have ideas for her flower arrangements and what her dress should look like. Your job is to make the proposal a day she will always remember. Here are some tips to help make that day personal and one-of-a-kind, just like your intended.

  • Think about how you met or your first date. What was most memorable? Did you go to a certain restaurant or to a concert? Use that place or special music as an ingredient in your proposal.
  • Think about some of her favorite things. These could be related to food, colors, activities, a favorite movie or even pets. Perhaps she loves the outdoors. You could arrange an obstacle course or a scavenger hunt with you at the end with the ring.
  • Include loved ones and close friends. (especially if planning something like above!)  
  • Make it fun. A private memory, an inside joke; something meaningful to you as a couple will show how well you have been paying attention.

Lastly, if you will be purchasing a ring for the big proposal event, before you empty your bank account or hit the limit on a few credit cards, be sure to visit a jeweler you trust. Yes, the ring is special and should "wow" her, but by no means should it be an object of financial angst. Stay within your means – you can find a beautiful ring at a wide variety of price points. And, of course, you can always trade up as your checking account becomes more "bling-worthy." It's YOU she's saying yes to — not the ring, right?!