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Top 10, uh... 8 Blogs Worth Reading

As I get further into this blogging thing, I think about others who have been doing it longer and certainly better.  Because there are only around a billion blogs out there, we all must filter heavily for the good, relevant ones (if you care to read a blog at all). Information overload is a modern-day disease and blogs  have got to be a major carrier of the overload virus. That said, there are many that are worth a frequent read.

Everyone seems to like a top 10 list, so now that I have my own blog, I can join the fray. Today’s topic: “Blogs Worth Reading and Following Regularly”  I don’t have a top 10 list – just a top eight, but that’s OK. It’s quality, not quantity that matters here.

This list covers a range of subject matter, from food to breast cancer and running a business. Obviously, it reflects things I care about and, in some cases, I personally know the authors. Hopefully, I can send a few new readers their way! And, I certainly welcome suggestions for other blogs I should have on my radar – if I have time, I’ll read it and it may help me nudge my little list up to a full top 10.

  1. Brenda’sBlog, Breastcancersisterhood – Brenda Coffee, a former journalist and breast cancer survivor, began blogging a few years ago with her guide to surviving breast cancer. This blog is dedicated to helping not only the individual who has breast cancer or has survived it, but the entire family and friend network.
  2. M.P. Mueller’s posts to “You’re the Boss” at New York Times – “You’re the Boss” is a feature of the Small Business Section at  M.P. Mueller founded and leads DoorNumber 3, an Austin-based branding/advertising agency. Her blogs are always colorful, fun, filled with great information and just darn insightful.
  3. Intelligent Travel from National Geographic – just great travel info and in true NG fashion, excellent photography
  4. Fete and Feast by Natanya Anderson – a must-read for Austin food lovers or anyone who loves food and likes to try new things in the kitchen. Natanya also covers food and wine events in the Greater Austin area
  5. RelishAustin by Austin American-Statesman food writer Addie Broyles – for restaurant and food news in Greater Austin, this one’s hard to beat. She also posts videos on occasion and interesting behind-the-scenes chats with the food newsmakers of Austin
  6. Any of the blogs from World Vision – an international relief agency that has been responsible for saving and sustaining the lives of countless individuals over the past 65 years.  Blogs are posted in a number of categories from Child Sponsorship to Microfinance. A great way for me to keep up with just a few of the incredible initiatives that take place around the world every day.  By the way, BECOME A CHILD SPONSOR! Seriously. It's the gift that keeps giving for the child, his/her community and for you.
  7. The Inc. bloggers for, division of Inc Magazine, As a fairly new entrepreneur and small business owner, I regularly find great nuggets of wisdom from many of the bloggers featured on this site. Good stuff for all of you entrepreneurs out there.
  8. For the grand finale, this is actually a previous favorite blog site that I visit on occasion for a good laugh. Seems like they’ve run out of ideas or “likes” in past few months, but still a fun blog to visit when you just want a chuckle.