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Me Blog?

Start a blog. To say "everyone's doing it" is certainly an understatement -- my sister,  friends, clients, peers, moms galore (of which I am one & never understood how so MANY moms in all stages of mom-hood find the time to do this!), celebrities, non-celebrities, CEOs, even animals are doing it. I've held back for so long professionally because 1) I'm afraid I can't keep up the consistency needed and 2) everyone else is doing it -- I've never been much of a joiner.  Oh, and 3) I'm not 100% on punctuation since I lost my AP Stylebook a few years ago, so I don't want anyone saying "tsk, tsk, a journalism major who has a slight problem with commas." But, clearly there are a lot more good reasons to jump in. First and foremost, I'd like more eyeballs on my website and more qualified business in the door. And to alleviate the time commitment while elevating the diversity, I plan to share this baby with co-workers, contractors, clients, former co-workers, celebrities (even if in their own minds), heck, possibly my dog so that I don't have to commit weekly.

One of my other issues with many blogs is TMI. Sure, it can make for fun, sometimes juicy reading, but not the path I/we intend to take, so don't worry, you won't be pulled into many personal musings here UNLESS it relates to work. The nature of the beast dictates this forum be more personal, but the hope is that you'll actually learn something new, even if the material isn't. And, we're also in it for the feedback! Please comment -- something like, "this is so wonderful...I laughed, learned and am telling all of my friends and deep-pocketed business associates about you!"

So, I'm Lisa O'Neill and I'm a PR professional who's been in the trade for nearly 25 years. Newton is my maiden name rather than the name of my equally savvy PR partner. I've thought of getting into a different line of work on a few occasions, but I'm pretty good at this PR thing and when I do it for clients I believe in, it's a great gig. But, my most important and fulfilling job is mother of two excellent kiddos, Brendan and Eliza and wife to a great Irish-American, Brian O'Neill. If this blog goes quiet longer than anticipated, it's their fault.

Blog #1 is done.