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Archer's Challenge

The Archer’s Challenge Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 2016 by 20-year old Archer Hadley, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, using a wheelchair since age five. Archer has used his disability as a platform for empowering others – of all abilities – serving as a motivational speaker, encourager and change agent. While a student at Stephen F. Austin High School, Archer decided to “challenge” his classmates and teachers to spend a day in a wheelchair to understand the challenges of navigating their normal routines in wheelchairs. Archer’s Challenge ultimately raised more than $142,000 to install electronic doors in five Austin high schools.

Moving forward, Archer’s Challenge will work to support wheelchair challenges in communities across the country, raise funds to improve wheelchair access in public places and empower and inspire those in the disability community – and beyond – to pursue their dreams. Follow on Facebook and Twitter.